30 August 2009

Austin, say hello to your Telepathik Friend. He knows you're going to anyway.

Telepathik Friend. The new music resident (via Florida) recently took the oath of citizenship - to "keep Austin weird".

Telepathik Friend's First Austin Show: Tuesday, September 1st @ Austin's Pizza

I met Telepathik Friend after experiencing a Quintron & Miss Pussycat show for the first time (at Red 7 on August 15th). As part of a "sci fi/space/dream rap" trio - Telepathik opened a show for the funky badass New Orleans duo in Florida. I first spotted Austin's new dreamy d-i-y musician dancing on stage at the Q&MP finale, before the encore - and before we were introduced by a mutual friend.

Telepathik Friend (who knew I was going to blog about his upcoming show before I even mentioned having a music blog) had just moved to Austin, Texas a week earlier, after a summer tour in California took him from the place he called home - Florida. After a ride in a Dirty Limo to an after-party, Telepathik told me I would be writing about his Austin premiere with longtime experimental music residents Night Viking - at Austin's Pizza on UT's drag.*

He was also kind enough to fill me in on the details since I don't share his power. Performing with Telepathik Friend at 8 pm will be the amazingly and oddly graceful ambience of How I Quit Crack (Houston, TX), Skullcaster (another recent arrival to Austin), local noisemaker Bubblegum Shitface, and the Earth premiere of Maria Mars, who Telepathik describes as a "Mysterious Alien Tone Daughter of the Cantina Band from the Psychedelic Clubs of Planet Tatooine".

My new favorite music experimentalist also mentioned that there has been a lot of confusion over the years about his name. To address this issue, there's Telepathic Friend is Telepathik Friend. Contained in this artist's blog: All the information you'll ever want or need to know about Telepathik Friend before he landed on music-friendly planet Austin.

Night Viking (9 pm)
Telepathik Friend (8 pm)

w/ How I Quit Crack
Bubblegum Shitface

and introducing Maria Mars
Tuesday, 9/1/09
Austin's Pizza
2324 Guadalupe St
Austin, TX 78705

*Some of the details during the limo ride and after-party may be inaccurate.

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