04 August 2009

Voxtrot: Pop/Rock Cult Heroes in Austin, With Return to Recording

In a rare newsletter sent early this morning, intropsective pop rockers Voxtrot announced the Monday, August 3rd release of a limited 7" single pressing, "Berlin, Without Return...", via their own Cult Hero Records label. The band has been on hiatus to pursue individual musical projects (and perhaps to take a break from incessant touring after recording a string of EPs, and releasing an LP on PlayLouder in 2007), so the 400 copy release announcement is welcomed news.

The break appears to have revitalized Austin's Euro-pop sweethearts, who are back to form with another quick fix, proclaiming in the email: "[W]e're quite proud of it." This is the kind of self-assured self-release fans and d-i-y music lovers like me need.

Voxtrot also assures us not to fret if we don't have a record player: The new single, which includes a b-side titled "The Dream Lives of Ordinary People", is also available for download at Amazon, eMusic, iTunes and Napster, among other sites, for about $2.00.

Peep the band's website for more info: voxtrot.net, and I'll definitely keep you posted about the possibility of shows.

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